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SteelyKid at 15 months

SteelyKid is 15 months old today.

She graduated from the infant room to "Waddlers" on Monday and is doing just fine—those classes usually combine in the late afternoon, so she knows the teacher very well. I think I can best sum up her role in the school by telling you that one morning, a five-year-old I'd never seen before came towards us in the hall and said "That's SteelyKid! Hi, SteelyKid!" Because SteelyKid is the self-appointed greeter for the classroom and so everyone knows her: parents, siblings, other teachers, random passers-by. (As well, she is occasionally the self-appointed feeder of pretzels to other children's parents.)

New word this month is "boo," as in "peek-a-boo." Which she will play with other kids at daycare now as well as her caretaker adults, which is disgustingly cute. I swear I heard her say "ball" today in an appropriate context, but it was at the end of a long string of babble so may not count. Lots of long strings of babble this month, the kind that make me convinced she's trying to communicate in full sentences but just doesn't have the words yet. She also clearly understands more of what we're saying. For instance, tonight Chad was putting his coat away, and she snuck in and grabbed my sneaker. We asked her to put it back and help Chad close the closet door, and she did. (She likes putting things away, as a subset of putting things in and out of other things, and at least once has remembered that a particular dirty article of clothing came from the white hamper, not the black one.)

She is getting her 15th and 16th teeth, the bottom canines (filling in the gaps next to her first molars). She can now scoop food out of a bowl with a spoon and get it in her mouth. She has figured out how to eat bread, or rather how to chew and swallow it—her digestive system didn't seem that certain about the rest of the process, the time I gave her bread and jam as a snack, so we're going to try that again sometime later. (Her digestive system still hates me and wants me never to sleep in my own bed again, and that's all I want to say about that except that we're still working on it.)

Her primate instincts are showing: she's started grooming my hair this month, very gently, with occasional pauses to lay her head against my back, which makes up for at least half of her stomach problems right there. I don't know if this is a primate instinct or not, but she is also newly-fascinated with her bath, both with and without water.

She loves touching the ceiling and keeps asking me to let her; she refuses to believe that I'm not tall enough to lift her that high. She's fascinated by the ceiling lights. She dances to all kinds of music (though she only has one dance move, bopping up and down). She so wants to be able to put her socks and shoes on herself. And she runs more than she walks.

On that note, I should be wrapping this up with an eye toward bed. So, pictures since last time:

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ETA 11/11: on today's checkup, she was 32.5" tall (95th percentile), weighed 25 lbs 12 oz (75th), and had a head circumference of 48.2 cm (95th).

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