Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

White Collar S01E01, "Pilot"

SteelyKid is sleeping in this morning, so:

White Collar: new TV show, art forger reluctantly helps FBI to keep from going back to prison, having escaped to look for his girlfriend, who has gone *poof*. Fairly appealing leads, good diversity in cast, not hugely caper-y but had some clever moments. Didn't love it, liked it well enough, will do until Leverage comes back. (Speaking of which: "Accessories," a crossover between the two, general-audience, gen, 1300 words.)

Quick spoilers:

No, the dodge about the warrantless search probably wouldn't work—if I were defense counsel I would have such a good time at the suppression hearing—but I liked that Peter knew right away what Neal was doing, and that Neal is loyal to his friends.

Also, yes, as soon as someone in custody says "I want a lawyer" that's end of game, so they did get that right.

(However, the tone of the show is kinda light for dead bodies.)

Needs more June, the awesome landlady, and Diana (?), the awesome FBI agent. Not sure about Peter's wife Elizabeth, though maybe it's because I'm still in " . . . but she was in Saved by the Bell" mode. At least he came up with the present himself eventually?

(Neal knows Peter's birthday and wedding anniversary when he doesn't, and a million slash stories sprang spontaneously into life.)

Thank you, camera, for not being exclusively male gaze and giving us shirtless male leads (including Neal with really no attempt at excuse).

And that's all I can think of.

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