Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

the glamorous life of a temporarily-single woman

SteelyKid and Chad have been away since Thursday afternoon. They return this afternoon.

Thursday and Friday I went to work. In the evenings, I walked the dog, did Christmas shopping (all done except for one thing!), wrote a badly-overdue LotR post, and worked on Yuletide beta stuff.

This morning so far I have walked the dog, had breakfast, and spent too much time reading the Internet. Now I'm going to pick up the house, shower, get a few groceries at the store, finish at least one of my Yuletide beta reads, and then work on a badly-overdue review of The Other Lands.

And the possibly-sad thing is? That all looks pretty good to me. I think it's the two nights of actual uninterrupted sleep, making me giddy . . .

Tags: daily life

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