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SteelyKid at 16 months

SteelyKid is 16 months old today.

As I said in an edit to the last post, on November 11 she was 32.5" tall (95th percentile), weighed 25 lbs 12 oz (75th), and had a head circumference of 48.2 cm (95th). On the other hand, today she was measured at 31"; there's clearly some error in those numbers. Regardless, she is now half at least as tall as me (5' 3"). Someone told me today that kids are half their height at 2 years old, so that'll be interesting (of course, I was already pretty sure that she was going to be considerably taller than me).

This is the "rich inner life of a toddler" month. She started the month with these long elaborate procedures of taking her bib, putting it over her cup, taking it off, lather, rinse, repeat, babbling all the while (see the "thankful" and "rich inner life" posts for videos). Toward the end, she was unmistakably engaging in imaginative play by pretending to eat: taking a clean spoon, dipping it into an empty measuring cup, putting the spoon in her mouth, and saying "Mmmm."

New words this month: uh-oh, dog, Emmy, Daddy. Still no consistent "Mommy."

She has clearly inherited my full managing tendencies (oh dear). At daycare, she insists on being the last one out of the room when they go anywhere, and babbles fiercely at people who don't come with. She also must give parents things when they come to pick up their kids, water bottles and so forth. And she's discovered that she can take us by the hand and lead us places. (We are doomed.)

She stayed with Chad's parents and my mom this month, separately, and had a great time. At Chad's parents, she gave us a tour of their basement, which is under renovation: she would run and point her index finger at various things and babble very earnestly and at length. She also was very sociable with Chad's seminar students and sparkymonster when they visited us.

In fine motor control news, she can wind up a silly crab toy that wasn't designed for toddlers, and she loves pushing buttons (the clicky kind, that is).

Health-wise, we had an unpleasant time with the last round of vaccines, and she's got a cold right now (again). We visited a gastro specialist today and, as a result, gave her rice milk tonight at bedtime (which is good timing, because she's started refusing all formula at daycare), will be giving her probiotics (which, with admirable frankness, the doctor called "somewhat hocus-pocus" but worth trying), and are having her screened for celiac disease. Not much news otherwise on her diet; earlier this month I offered her diced apples and she refused to believe they were food.

It's been a tough month in a lot of ways, but it's still a really fun age. And now I will hit "post" and thereby guarantee that I remember the eight things I meant to include and have forgotten.


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