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best little-read books of the last ten years

Via Boing Boing, the Guardian's list of the decade's (sic) best unread (sic) books.

Which of course got me going on my own list. Three immediately came to mind, and even after perusing my booklog I couldn't improve on them:

  • The Last Hot Time, John M. Ford (booklog). Beautiful, evocative, compact urban fantasy about growing up and love and power and magic; an adult version of the Borderlands books.
  • The Apocalypse Door, James D. Macdonald (booklog). Fast-paced fun fantasy thriller featuring Peter Crossman, Knight of the Temple, and Sister Mary Magdalene of the Special Action Executive of the Poor Clares.
  • Point of Honour and Petty Treason, Madeline E. Robins (booklog). Austen noir, with all that such a juxtaposition implies.

I don't get the impression that any of these is really widely known, and indeed the novels by Robins sold badly enough in mass market paperback that I understand the author will be publishing under a different name in the future. If forced to pick just one, I would say The Last Hot Time; but I think all three would be well-loved by the people who like those kinds of things if they knew about them. (And, happily, all are currently in print.)

What about you? What little-read books of the last ten years do you want to bring to the world's attention?

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