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Week in Review

I'm turning the opening of this post over to a special guest blogger:

The Week in Review According to Emmy

It was warmer and really wet last week. The white stuff went away and all kinds of fascinating stuff had been under it, but They didn't let me roll in it, or eat it, or anything. It was so unfair. And then when we got home, They kept rubbing all the mud off my paws and belly, which is very undignified and really unnecessary; a little dirt certainly doesn't bother me, and it's my fur, after all.

What's worse, that was practically the only attention I got last week! After we'd get home, He would go upstairs and shut the door and not come out for the longest time, not even when I curled up outside the door and looked my most piteous. (She would try to coax me downstairs, but I didn't want Her.) And then at the end of the week, instead of lazing around the house and playing with me, They put me in the car, and that's good because I like car rides, but we went to the place where They leave me for ages and ages, and that's bad. The people are really nice, and I have my own little cubicle so I don't have to look at other dogs (unlike that other place They left me once), but I could still hear the other dogs, including the one who cried and cried when we came in. And I didn't get to take walks or play with my toys or anything.

I was very sad.

(Even though I got my nails trimmed. They weren't in my way, but sometimes I'll scratch Him by mistake when we're playing, and that's bad because it means we can't play while He stops the bleeding.)

But this morning, He came and rescued me! I was so happy that I danced all around. We didn't go home right away, either, but went someplace where everyone petted me and said how good I was, and I got to sniff all around new territory—and the white stuff was back!—and then curl up and sleep when He had to leave for a bit. And then we went home and She came home and I danced around again, and we had a nice long walk and I smelled lots of white stuff, and now I'm curled up on my pillow dozing.

It's good to be home.

As Emmy said, we were away this weekend; Chad's grandmother's birthday is this week, so we went down to Long Island on Saturday morning to see her. His parents also came down, and we had a very nice dinner Saturday night with the family and the two couples who live on either side. Sunday we left after a surprisingly excellent lunch in a little strip-mall Chinese place. One of the dishes was roast duck slices wrapped in a pancake with a little sauce, kind of like a fajita, which was so amazingly good that I ate much more than I should have and regretted it for the rest of the day. And night.

The week proper was pretty busy; Chad has a lot on his plate at work at the moment, hence the shut office door that so distressed Emmy, and I am starting to have things pile up in a very ominous manner. On the other hand, I won two cases since I've last updated, one slightly more important than usual and one rather important: good reminders of the results all this work can hopefully produce.

I'm trying out Furl, an online bookmarking/file-cabinet service, which looks reasonably promising so far. I'd used it to note a number of articles as possibly worth blogging, but looking at them again, they don't make the cut. So my only news for the week is that there are not one but two new Dortmunder books due in April: a new novel, The Road to Ruin, and a collection of short stories, Thieves' Dozen (I had no idea that there were short stories).

By the way, does anyone out there know if it's possible to put permalinks (that is, http://www.livejournal.com/users/kate_nepveu/####.html) in an S1 style? Attempts at hacking it myself have been unsuccessful, and I really don't want to move to S2.

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