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SteelyKid at 17.5 months
SteelyKid and I have been sick for nearly all of the time since the last update, and so I've been sunk in apathy and sleep deprivation. But we're both better and she's been so busy that I had to squeeze out time for an update tonight.

This month she moved into the "tidy" phase of toddlerhood. This is apparently a recognized phase, but she seems to have a particularly strong case of it, judging by the remarks of the daycare staff when Chad picked her up and she was running around putting toys away. Tissues are one of her two favorite things this month: get a tissue; wipe her face, almost blow her nose, or scrub at the floor; run to where she can throw away the tissue; demand another. (See "Tissue Relay" and "Cinderella Blogging" in the list below.)

Also a lot of imitating adults this month. She so badly wanted to play with our remote control, phone, keyboards, and trackballs, that we eventually just gave her obsolete versions of all of those to play with. This doesn't stop her from reaching for ours, but at least it lets us say "No, that's mine, yours is (wherever)."

This was also the Terrible One and a Thirds: she learned to say "no" and really did not hesitiate to convey it. The extreme freakouts at being thwarted (or simply not being attended to quickly enough) seem to have tapered off somewhat recently, however, so perhaps her cold was exacerbating things.

(Other new words are "sock" and "shoe." Still doesn't greet me by title like she does Chad.)

In motor skills news, her dancing continues to get more varied--she's added a foot stomp and something like a penguin wiggle to her previous bopping up and down and twisting from side to side. And her other favorite thing is writing implements: crayons are good, but pens with caps are better because they're more complicated. She's still almost exclusively in EKG-mode for drawing, but occasionally scribbles up and down, or in circles, instead of just left and right.

She is easy to amuse. We can get her to laugh for ten minutes by grabbing a food wrapper out of her hand and letting her grab it back, or wiggling our eyebrows at her (which she tries to do back), or dipping her backwards, or just pointing a finger and moving it in a circle.

She had a cold for practically all this time, as did I, but I think she's finally kicked it (I hope, I hope, I hope). I also think we may have turned a corner on her stomach and her sleep, but I'm going to withhold judgment for now, because her sickness was messing with the data for so long. (She has, however, transitioned to sleeping on a cot at daycare with no trouble. In fact, they say she sleeps better because she and her best friend would play peek-a-boo through the crib slats at naptime (OMG SO CUTE).)

I'm convinced there's more, and I'm also convinced that I won't remember until I hit post. So have some pictures and videos:


ETA: did remember something else. Achievement Unlocked: tooth-brushing! Achievement Not Unlocked: gracefully giving up the toothbrush.

The cuteness!

Bubbles are a cheap but just about guaranteed form of entertainment for many years. That vid also reveals a lot about her development. "Uh oh!" wow!

"Uh-oh" was her favorite word _last_ month. Its functionality has been mostly incorporated into "no" this month.

The videos are adorable.


So cute! I have a pic of the Young Lady wearing my snow boots - they're thigh-high - from about the same age, but I didn't have a digital camera back then.

Hee. She is obsessed with wearing our shoes. She can even shuffle a respectable distance in them.

Aw, so cute! I especially loved the tissue relay, hee.

It is so silly. Fortunately, tissues are cheap (though after that we did require her to _ask_ for a tissue, which we would give her . . . ).

Oh, that reminds me: this is the month where she started signing "please" readily, instead of forcing us to drag it out of her. Indeed, sometimes a little too readily--"okay, I see you're asking for something, but I have *no* *idea* what . . . "

My nephew is a couple months older than SteelyKid, and last I heard, he had not yet gotten to "please." However, I'm told he has learned two very important words: "no" and "mine"!

I've heard her say "please" once or twice, but mostly she just signs it.

"Mine" is not on her radar yet. She's actually a very generous child. But "no," oh my oh my . . .

This month she moved into the "tidy" phase of toddlerhood.

If only someone could figure out how to make this last.

I know, seriously. Neither of us are good role models in that regard, either, though perhaps with the hopes of setting a good example for her we will improve . . .

That does seem to be the best way of inculcating good habits in small children (including speech habits, like saying "please" and "thank you"). Children are inveterate imitators and are usually perfectly happy to imitate "good" behavior as well as "bad."

SO CUTE! The tissue relay is absolutely priceless.