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help a highly-successful mentoring project

helptheproject is an auction to help The Virginia Avenue Project, a highly-successfully Los Angeles arts-based mentoring project. How successful? 100% of participating children graduate from high school; 95% go on to college, and 98% are the first person in their family to go. One of them now works in the White House!

rachelmanija has worked for the Project for fifteen years and I love hearing her stories about it. She explains,

As grants for arts and education have been cut, we are in danger of losing our centerpiece program, the One-on-Ones, in which short plays are specially written for each kid to act in with a professional actor. We take them to summer camp to rehearse, then return to Los Angeles to put on a show.

This program changes kids’ lives... and it’s not happening this year unless we can raise $15,000 by mid-March.

I'm offering (as I do for these things) help with fictional legal matters. There are lots of other cool things offered so far—a tax return, having a fictional pirate named after you, lots of autographed books . . . so do check it out.

(And before anyone asks: yes, there will be another fundraiser for con_or_bust this year. I hope to have an announcement very, very soon.)

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