Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Quasi-Boskone report

Boskone was great. All my programming went well, the bake sale raised more money than I'd hoped, I got to catch up with prince_eric and spouse, who we haven't seen for far too long, and SteelyKid had a grand time at my mom's.

I've been growing less enthused about Boskone in recent years, partly because I know the usual panelists and program topics a little too well by now—"oh, that could be interesting, but the moderator never shuts up," "I've seen this form of panel before and it never goes anywhere," that kind of thing. But I want to like Boskone, it's very well-run and many of its guests are terrific and it was my first regular con. Being on programming, plus the bake sale, seems to have revived my enthusiasm in a "be the change" way, I guess.

On the other hand, I miss writing up panels here. I posted about the Tolkien panel over on Tor.com, and I'm in the process of turning my notes on "How to Discuss Race and Racism Without Acting Like a Complete Jerk" into an essay, but I don't have substantial notes for any of the others, and while I remember some things, I also have too much else on my plate right now (*cough* con_or_bust! Bidding starts Wednesday!) to just start trying to reconstruct things wholesale.

So, a compromise. If anyone has questions or comments about the other three panels, leave them here and I will do my best to respond in the comments. This will probably take less time, give me a reason to carve out that time, and give me motivation too.

The other panels were: "The Suck Fairy, and Other Horrors of Rereading" (Daniel P. Dern, Jo Walton, Jane Yolen); "Legal Systems in Worldbuilding" (Leah Cypess, Glenn Grant, Ken Schneyer); and "Pathologies of Fannish Culture" (Mary Kay Kare, Laurie Mann, Joe Siclari, Rene Walling).

(Oh yeah, I am doing link roundups at boskone, but only of posts with substantive discussion of programming or events, which is saving me a lot of time.)

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