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Week in Review

Another cranky week; not really worth talking about. Well, Madrid would be worth talking about, but I have nothing to say. The world makes me sad, but we have to live in it and make the best of it all the same.

Much basketball this weekend; see this post and the post above on Chad's blog for details. Poor Chad looked like someone had hit him on the back of the head when the brackets were announced: Maryland and Syracuse, his teams, are seeded in such a way that if they make it past the first round (not guaranteed; they're playing Western-area teams in Denver), they'll play each other.

Yesterday, we bought lots and lots of books: handfuls of Westlake for both of us; presents for Chad's father, including Doyle and Macdonald's The Price of the Stars from me; and more for my inpile, including pegkerr's Emerald House Rising, SeaWasp's (Ryk E. Spoor) first novel Digital Knight, and Laurie J. Marks' Earth Logic. As of today, I'm almost up-to-date on the booklog; I have a re-read of Tooth and Claw to get through before I can log it, and that's it—just in time for a lot of other books to pop into the queue: new J.D. Robb out of the library, new Caroline Stevermer and Guy Kay on their way from Amazon, and then I want to re-read all of The Viscount of Adrilanka before logging Sethra Lavode, and then we're into April and new Westlakes . . .

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