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Hugo-eligible short fiction?

So I'm trying to actually read some short fiction before nominating for the Hugos this year, partly because I don't have a lot of time and partly because I'm not very enthusiastic about 2009 novels as a whole.

I've seen:

I have a copy of the anthology Federations which I am slowly working my way through. I've put in a library request for Firebirds Soaring because papersky's story in it is getting a lot of attention.

So: What have you read that you've liked? What have you published that's eligible? (If you're modest, you can post your eligible lists separately from your recommended lists. I want to know what my friends have published.) Either links or names of things I can get from the library, please. I'm not going to go buying back issues of magazines at this point.

Things I've read so far that I've liked—not a draft ballot, note, and I still have a lot of things left to read even from the above-mentioned sources:

  • "Carthago Delenda Est," Genevieve Valentine, Federations
  • "Bespoke," Genevieve Valentine, Strange Horizons (dilemma! I think I like "Carthago" better, but "Bespoke" is getting more buzz, so, strategy-wise . . . )
  • "Different Day," K. Tempest Bradford, Federations
  • "Élan Vital," K. Tempest Bradford, Sybil’s Garage No. 6
  • "Non-Zero Probabilities," N. K. Jemisin, Clarkesworld

So: go read those, and tell me what to read!

(If you absolutely can't stop yourself, go ahead and rec novels too, but I think I'm pretty well up on the possibilities there (things I have read or am reading but have not booklogged yet are in this LibraryThing collection) and I'd really prefer you focus on short fiction.)

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Sure! Just in case the library is slow.

And thanks for the Locus reminder; I just wish that the online version of the list was any use at all as a hyperlinked documnet--couldn't they even put in links to the things that were *obviously* published online, like the ones at _Strange Horizons_ or

(Note that I'm looking at the Google cache because the original won't load for me, so maybe they've updated it since, but sheesh.)

Oh, that's lovely. Thank you.

I've had several people tell me they're recommending my muppet werewolf story "The Creature in Your Neighborhood" for the Hugo. I'd be happy to e-mail you a copy, if you're interested.

Thanks for the offer, but I think I would feel weird about it for some reason; if I change my mind I'll let you know.

Sure thing. And if you figure out the reason, I'd be curious to hear it. I'm never completely sure what is and isn't crossing the line when it comes to promo, and that sort of feedback helps.

I've been thinking about this for quite a long time today and haven't been able to come up with anything that my legally-trained mind accepts as an explanation for the feeling. But, it's still there. *shrug* Sorry.

SF Signal has Nebula nominees picking other stories they liked.

And In Great Waters for novel!

Thanks for the link!

But it's loooong . . . and I get bored really easily with parallel narratives.

It isn't really that long - 400 pages - and it's one of the most effortlessly readable books I've read in some time. I whizzed through it in a day.

It's 337 pages!* You're an epic fantasy reader! How can you be complaining? :-p

Though I suppose the narratives are somewhat parallel for the first half of the book. Bah.

*UK hardback

I don't read that much epic fantasy any more, and that's one of the reasons why!

But, fine, I'll see if it's still on-shelf at the library tonight.

I don't read that much epic fantasy any more,

It's alt-hist historical fantasy. Merfolk are real and interfertile with humans, and the half-breeds are Europe's royalty.

Yes, thank you, I did read Niall's review ( ) and the _Strange Horizons_ review too ( ), that's how I know about its structure.

Niall and I were riffing off past conversations about other books.

Checked out of library. But I make no promises!

First three chapters read on walk from parking lot to work. Well-written, but really looking forward to the claustrophobia and fear and incomprehension easing up real soon now, because it's getting to me.

Ha. Well, you should be switching to Anne pretty soon. Although she has her own anxieties, of course.

But yay for reading it! :-)

Rich Horton's ballot.


(Links, damnit, people, you're recommending things online you should LINK TO THEM!)

I am definitely not going to be submitting a nomination form this year. Hell, the way work is going for me I'll be lucky to read any nominees.


I personally don't see anything wrong with nominating something you think is worthy even if you haven't had a chance to read widely in its category, but fair enough. And sympathies on the work.

Probably my favorite short story this year was "The Red Sky is in our Blood" by E. Bear (matiquola) in Metatropolis (subpress). But as a whole collection C. Kiernan's A is for Aliens (also subpress) wins hands down.

C. Kiernan is greygirlbeast btw.

Surely _Metatroplis_ isn't eligible since last year it was nominated as dramatic presentation?

I did not know that it was nominated last year, but you're probably right. I forget Subpress does so many books from other formats.