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oh my aching head, octopus, oh no!
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once again

It is nearly midnight and I have not accomplished everything I needed to today.

I wish I didn't require sleep. And was less distractab—ooh, shiny!

Hee. We are my cats. (Except that they actively enjoy sleeping, or at least deliberately seek it out.)

I like sinking down into a warm bed, and slowly waking up ditto, but the bits in-between I could leave.

OT But

I love your icon - it's the most wonderfully frazzled octopus I've ever seen.

Re: OT But

It is a picture of a little bead/ornament given to me by my sister-in-law. I love it.

Re: OT But

Amazing how much detail and emotion the carver got into a little space.

Sleep is indeed a dirty trick -- or, at least, that we need so much of it. And the whole "too tired to think" deal just before it has worn out its welcome as well.

More shiny!

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