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SteelyKid - contemplative (2009-12)
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Tautological toddler

SteelyKid's been saying something that we thought was "I miss Emmy." Which, I mean, I know she's very smart, but no matter how much it sounded like that, just didn't seem very probable.

Tonight, based on a couple other phrases, I figured out she's actually saying "Emmy's Emmy."

SteelyKid, stating the obvious since March 2010.


She's so cute! Also, A is A!

Oh, geez, that reminds me what I was going to link to: I saw a post recently demonstrating that 0.999... (infinitely repeating 9s) equals 1, by definition, which frankly suggests me that you need better definitions, but whatever, and now I can't find it--not for the proofs, which you can find anywhere, but for the joke in comments, which ran something like:

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first orders a shot. The next orders half a shot, the next a quarter, the next an eighth . . . and the bartender says, "You're all idiots," and puts two shots on the bar.

(Yes, I updated my icons of her, can you tell?)

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(From the girl who quit math because calculus did not fit her reality as she knew it.)

And yes. She's adorable! How old is she, exactly?

Nineteen months and a bit.

... and puts two shots on the bar.

*fails to cover up his laughter in his cubicle*


Glad you liked!

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Apparently the difference is that actual mathematicians are on board the 0.999... = 1 thing, whereas 0=1 relies on invalid proofs, yeah?

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Ah, got it.

Right. The threads on 0.9...=1 (which still pop up on sci.math, and probably elsewhere) always start with someone who doesn't like the fact that 0.9...=1 "proving" that it isn't so. Generally these people are either unable or unwilling to understand posts by others who point out why the proofs are invalid.

The cuteness!

It makes up for *so* *much*.

The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of tautology club.

I keep telling her she's too young for XKCD!

Em's Emmy? As is, I realize these two similar but different sound refer to the same thing?

No, the first thing before the "s" sound is distinctly two syllables.



SteelyKid versus semantics! SteelyKid wins!

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She is not a child who likes ambiguity!

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Hmmm . . . Emmy is the best, therefore Emmy is better than all those other dogs?