Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

White Collar season finale

Some belated thoughts on the White Collar season finale:

Well, that was a disappointment. Nothing resolved, Peter acting out of character, tedious things to come with Kate (damnit, why aren't there any good characters on TV with my name?), and no improvement in the shoddy plotting either. I'm not sure that even the prospect of Diana will get me to watch season two.

In no particular order:

Dear show, you're pushing the subtext way too far if you expect me to believe that Peter would trade Fowler's capture—after he nearly shot two FBI agents—for the opportunity to plead with Neal to not leave him. He would not. Period.

(Also, I hate Fowler: he is so very boringly obvious. I do not want more of him next season.)

Dear show, your terrible plotting is even worse than usual if you expect me to believe that Fowler setting up false identities for Neal and Kate means that they are completely free of Fowler—and that everyone on the show actually believes it too.

Dear show, Kate is not, and has never been, as interesting as you think she is. Either she's just been fridged or she's faked her own death; either way we are in for much painful tedium next season.

(I'm betting "faked her own death," with a side of "was hoping to get Neal in the process.")

Dear show, you wasted valuable time on a pointless Alex double-cross-take-back, time that could have been used in, I don't know, arresting Fowler?!

Dear show, nothing about why the music box was important, who the big bad is, what Kate's role is? At all?


Dear show, while I love Diana whose-last-name-I-forget to pieces, couldn't you have figured out a way to write Natalie Morales a memorable character, too? If they were both totally kick-ass, I might put up with the ridiculous manpain you're inflicting on your leads, but seriously, you have clearly not had any idea what to do with Cruz since day one, and it makes me sad at the waste.

I kept up with this because it was pretty SteelyKid-safe (unlike Burn Notice, which we have an entire half season of on the DVR), but I may just drop it in favor of fanfic.

In completely unrelated news: OMG CUTE.

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