Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

icon meme, Kate style

I have adapted an icon meme going around because some of the questions are just not suited for me, so I ignore them and substitute my own! For credits and other information about these, see my icon page. (You should be able to hover for keywords.)

1. How do you feel right now?

2. What's your favorite pastime?

3. Do you have an icon or icons for when you're feeling quirky, weird, odd, or strange? (substituted for: Do you consider yourself a strange person?)

4. What are you currently having fun watching/reading/listening to? (substituted for: What's your main fandom?)

5. What's a fictional relationship that you're a big fan of? (substituted for: OTP?)

6. How do you describe yourself?

7. What's your favourite icon to use besides your default?

8. Do you have an icon of a non-fictional person who's important to you? (substituted for: Do you have an icon of your future husband/wife?)

9. Do you have a WTF icon (or icons)?

10. Do you have an icon or icons representing your occupation? (substituted for: How do you feel towards love?, just because I didn't think it was a useful question)

11. Saddest icon?

12. Happiest icon?

13. Weirdest or most obscure icon? (substituted for: Crackiest icon?)

14. Icon you'd like to use more? (New!)

Right, that's that cat thoroughly vacuumed . . .

Tags: icons, memes

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