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SteelyKid at 21 months

SteelyKid was 21 months on Friday. I have no time so this has to be quick.

Two bouts of sickness this month, one persistent sinus infection for which she got broad-spectrum antibiotics that wrecked her digestive system (Augmentin and cefdinir both, in different ways), and one chest cough for which she got well-tolerated antibiotics (Zithromax) and a nebulizer, which as previously mentioned she hated, though she has calmed down about it enough that I no longer have to act as the human straitjacket. That bout, it turns out, was pneumonia, which we did not actually know until she was better—the doctor said, when I first took her in, "I hear some crackling, which is when we start to worry about pneumonia." The follow-up visit listed "resolved pneumonia" as the diagnosis on the check-out sheet. Yikes! On the other hand, now I have witnessed not just walking but running pneumonia.

She graduated to a booster seat [*] and a regular cup at the dining table this month and is super excited about it. She did, alas, take advantage of her position to thwap Emmy on the nose twice last night, both of which got her taken out of the chair with much wailing. She's eating oatmeal for breakfast and sweet potato fries any time she can get them. She also feeds us invisible things she "finds" various places, sometimes as an addition to the night-night game (see the video below). A new "abusing my parents' bodies" game since the video is riding on Chad's back while he's on all fours. High-five and low-five are now followed by shaking our hands.

[*] This appears to be the last gasp of the babypod, which has certainly had a long and honorable run. Toys 'R Us sells them, if you know someone with a new baby; they are way better than Bumbo seats, I think, except they're less portable.

She has just in the last couple of days become deeply attached to a stuffed puppy, asking for it at night and in the morning and such; on one hand, since it and her pacifier are both "doggie," it's another way to deflect her asking for her pacifier during the day, but on the other, it would be sufficiently hard to replace if something happened to it that I'm contemplating dropping $15 on eBay now just in case. This is the first time she had a comfort object other than her pacifier, and I have no idea if it will last.

Socially, still a bit of separation anxiety when I drop her off in the mornings, and she's preferring Chad to me more often, which I find rather refreshing. (Chad picks her up in the evenings, and has on several occasions come in to find that she's just made a break down the hall looking for him.)

ETA: fondness for music and dancing has intensified. We have listened to Springsteen's "I'm Going Down" and "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" more times than I care to count so she can dance to them. She routinely sings indecipherable syllables into the plug end of her mouse or landline telephone (old equipment that we gave to her), and on the way to daycare I sing "The Wheels on the Bus" and she makes the hand motions and sings "round" and "all through."

Finally, Chad and I were talking about her expressive vocabulary the other day and I thought it would be interesting to try and record as much of it as possible. I'm sure I'm forgetting something (my first draft left out, not only all the body parts she knows, but "yes" and "no"), but this is a reasonable approximation.

  1. hi
  2. bye
  3. please
  4. thank you
  5. yes ("yeah")
  6. no
  7. morning
  8. uh-oh
  9. more

  10. baby
  11. Daddy
  12. Emmy
  13. Mommy
  14. Bodie
  15. Maisie ("Mee-ee")
  16. Zoe
  17. Natalie
  18. Jenn
  19. Emily (which admittedly sounds exactly the same as "Emmy")
  20. Kathy

  21. night-night
  22. shh
  23. boo

  24. up
  25. down
  26. out

  27. boom (also means "close the door" and related)
  28. ETA: key
  29. inside/outside (both come out as "side")
  30. tree
  31. stick
  32. rock
  33. swing

  34. eat
  35. juice
  36. cookie
  37. bread
  38. Kix
  39. napkin (as "nap")
  40. bottle
  41. spoon
  42. bowl
  43. ETA 3: nummy
  44. ETA 3: yuck

  45. doggie
  46. kitty
  47. bird
  48. cow
  49. moo
  50. duck
  51. quack
  52. neigh
  53. monkey
  54. roar

  55. eye
  56. nose
  57. mouth
  58. ETA 3: teeth
  59. thumb (but "finger" is too hard)
  60. belly

  61. shoe (sounds exactly the same as "juice," which has led to problems)
  62. sock
  63. coat

  64. water
  65. bath
  66. bubble
  67. wash

  68. go (-go-go-go; used for cars and running people)

  69. book
  70. song
  71. T.V.
  72. ball
  73. bumper (for Bumper Stars, a Flash game)
  74. ETA 2: phone

And the pictures and video since last time:

http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/04/its_in_the_dna.php (already posted here)
http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/04/thursday_baby_blogging_042910.php (and video: if you only look at one thing, make it this)

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