Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

NYC, last full day

Got a later start today than I would have liked and then had a big hole put in my afternoon when the nice person at the TKTS booth downtown told me that they didn't get tickets for The Glass Menagerie there, they got them in Times Square, and I should go there at 2:30. Since I was having lunch in that area at 12:30, well, that pretty well accounted for the first half of my afternoon.

But I had a fun lunch with glvalentine and then did get a ticket to the play, which is the one I'd really been excited about seeing, so that was good. Except then I did something unwise, which was go to Coney Island without double-checking exactly how long it would take: almost exactly as much time as I had left before meeting coffeeandink for dinner. So I resolved to make the world's fastest trip: on the Ferris wheel and then right back on the subway. And I saw the roller coaster as I was walking toward the Ferris wheel, but I didn't see any cars moving on it, and I had some vague idea that it had been shut down.

Of course, what do I see when the Ferris wheel gets high enough but cars moving on the roller coaster. So I spent the rest of the ride wrestling with my conscience: It was already going to be very tight making it back. But it was a famous roller coaster and I LOVE roller coasters. But I hate being rude and late. But maybe there wouldn't be so many delays on the way back. But it would be rush hour. But ROLLER COASTER.

So I eventually decided that I could go on the roller coaster if I ran everywhere, or at least as much as my sadly out-of-shape shelf could. And I did. And it was totally worth it. It's not that big or high, but it is fast (starting even with the ascent) and tight and low and rattly and so very much fun.

A good thing, too, because not only was I late and didn't get to change before the show (I know it's not expected any more, but I like to), but the touchscreen of my Palm TX is now cracked so badly that it is unusable, and I presume it happened on the ride. (I feared that I'd broken my phone, too, but its battery was just really out of charge.) So since a monthly voice and data plan makes no sense for me, I'll be keeping it old-school for a while longer and getting another TX from eBay.

coffeeandink and I had reasonable food and a nice time, and then I went to see the play. Which deserves writing about when my eyes aren't crossing, so I'll leave that for tomorrow.
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