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more Leverage


I appreciate its attempts toward social justice considerations but they are sufficiently facile as to mostly irritate me. See also this post about Burn Notice.

I had thought Leverage was going Burn Notice's way with the overarching plot too, but no sign of that in the second episode. BN does get kind of formulaic about it—here's the end of the A plot of the client of the week, then the conclusion of the B plot of whatever emotional/personal issue, and then the episode ends with the C plot of the season's arc. So I guess yay not formulaic, but boo not following through on your promise immediately.

They had better have a really damn good reveal of Sophie's name if they're going this route.

At least the sexpot turned out to be an assassin, but really, Hardison should've hacked his phone to get the password instead of relying on that more-than-usually-ridiculous way of getting the guy's changed password.

Finally, can we get a villain that doesn't grandstand about how Eeeeevil they are next week?

(I did grin through a lot of the small character moments, because I do like the people a lot, but even for them I can't shut off my brain completely.)

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