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Cross-stitching, rant and WIP

So I've been doing a Teresa Wentzler knotwork bookmark, the one in the top left corner, as a travel project. I'd previously done a similar, though less complicated, bookmark that she offered in a free design, as my introduction to evenweave.

The free chart is shown against a grid of 1 stitch by 1 stich, as I expect from charts. The non-free chart is, well. It's different for each bookmark, but on the one I was working on, the horizontal lines are spaced at 1 stitch, 3 stitches, 2, 3, and then 1 again for the top two blocks of 10 stitches, and then 1, 3, 2, and 4 for the bottom block of 10. The vertical lines are spaced at 3, 5, and 2. I had to take a ruler to it to figure this out, because I am not spatially gifted.

After more false starts than I would care to admit, I thought things were going well. I'd come to the far edge of the bookmark and turned back, and was about to complete one more upside-down V and then cross over the stitching I did before.

Well, not so much.

failed knotwork bookmark

I have absolutely no idea what happened and really I'm so mad I can't be bothered to figure it out. I stuffed the bookmark in the trash as soon as I took its picture and I'm going to do a blackwork bookmark that I found in a magazine by way of palate-cleanser (also because the wings of the big WIP, the overdyed red dragon, are in blackwork, and I've never done it). If and when I go back to these knotwork bookmarks, I'm going to take a ruler and a pencil to an enlarged copy of the chart.

Seriously, why on earth would you chart that way?

[Very, very late ETA: on going back to these, it appears it was some peculiarity of my old computer's interaction with the electronic pattern software, as the pattern does in fact display with a 1x1 grid on my new one. I swear I wasn't making it up, though.]

Speaking of the overdyed red dragon, here's a picture for the record:

overdyed red dragon WIP, 2010-07-06

Not the greatest picture, but I think you can see that the outline of the body, tail, and limbs is done; the lighter-color bit at the top right is going to be the edge of the back wing. I decided to not finish one stitch at a time on the overdyed thread for the body, on the theory that going row-by-row would look more like body shading; we'll see how that decision comes out.

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