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Readercon 2010

A brief Readercon report. Panel reports forthcoming after I do some related things.

I got in Friday evening around 7:30. Talked to people (met tithenai and friend who may or may not have an LJ, among others), had a surprisingly good lobster roll in the hotel pub with rysmiel and ckd, and complained to anyone who would listen about the hotel's steady removal of places to sit in the con space.

Up early the next morning to help with the Tiptree bake sale. I made mental notes for the next Boskone sale (muffins for people's breakfasts; red velvet cupcakes with candied hibiscus on top = Cthulhu cupcakes; something citrus-y like lemon bars). We sold out shortly after 2, which is early but a lot of people couldn't bake because the heat wave would've made it unbearable. We still seemed to raise a decent amount of money.

During the sale I skipped out for an hour to go to a fanfic panel, on which notes forthcoming. After the sale, I went to the mall to indulge my terrible weakness for Pizzeria Regina pizza and to not talk to people. After I answered the question, "well, how wet can I get from just crossing the mall parking lot?", I made a trip back to my mom's to change clothes. Then I came back and talked to more people, bought a copy of the new Sybil's Garage, went to Nalo Hopkinson's GoH interview, had a lovely dinner with veejane (who also helped with the bake sale, thank you again) and sparkymonster (at which I was carded; they were too, but only after I had ordered), and came back and talked to yet more people. This was all very satisfying.

This morning I had an excessively-lazy morning at my mom's and only made it to one panel, on peril and promise in portal fantasies, which I found frustrating; notes forthcoming. I wanted to get home soon after that, because I wasn't sure whether the dog sitter was coming in the afternoon, so I said goodbye to a couple of people and then headed out.

(On the way home I bought three suits for very little money at the Lee Outlets. Oh, and on the way down, I found a cross-stitch shop close by, hurrah; I worry that I am turning into the kind of person who has a thread stash, though, because I bought a set of coordinated overdyed and solid flosses that I liked and that will make nice knotwork bookmarks someday. => )

On the whole, I had fun talking to the people I did—though I never so much as laid eyes on grahamsleight and probably missed some other people too—but I was vexed how many panels were ruled out for me by their participants and by how unsuited the hotel is for hanging out generally. There has been (edited per comments) fairly major changes in the con committee for next year (rosefox is programming chair), so I will interested to see what happens.

Finally, I wore the ear cuffs that nellorat made for me in a con_or_bust auction, felt very spiffy in them, and got lots of compliments.

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