Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

obscure (themed!) guess-the-lyrics

No, I don't know why. Because my brain is weird.

If you can identify more than one of these, you can probably also tell what they have in common. Some of them are quite obscure, though, so I'm not counting on it (indeed, I'm not sure even Chad will get all six, and we share a music collection).

  1. I know I look tired, but everything's fried here in Memphis.
  2. What five letters spell "apocalypse"?
  3. I have dreamed of a black car that shimmers and drives down the length of the evening to the carnival side.
  4. Well don't you remember, they put a patch on your eye; like Dread Pirate Roberts, you looked so unplanned.
  5. Forget about your ego, forget about your pride, and you will never have to compromise.
  6. You missed a spot over there.

(Feel free to i.d. by providing additional quotes from the same song, if it amuses you more, or to add lyrics from other songs that fit the theme.)

Minor corrections made to #1 and #3 after double-checking.

Tags: music

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