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SteelyKid at 2 years

SteelyKid was 2 years old on Saturday.

The big picture first:

Several months ago, a relative who we don't see often enough commented that she was very easygoing. That's relative, of course, but our immediate reaction was "not so much"—she's very social, and there are a number of things that interest her, but that's not the same as being easygoing, and she certainly has definite opinions on what she wants to do. This is, of course, exacerbated by being two years old: several times a day she will glare at us and say "NO!" for no apparent reason, just because she can (or say "no" to something being offered while reaching for it); if thwarted when tired or hungry, she will flop face-down on the floor and wail; etc.

She remains the most extroverted of us all, though she wakes up slowly and can take a while to warm up to people in a crowd. Her interests are pretty much the same as last time, though she's added climbing to her obsessions, as you can see from the electron spin videos. Oh, and cooking (see the thermodynamics anecdote particularly). She continues to talk more and more; right now she's in the first-person-possessive phase (everything is "my [noun]") and the real-time narration phase (e.g., "I'm walking," "I'm running," "I sit down," and (my favorite) "I'm crying"—though she hasn't got verb tenses yet and so really it should be "I was crying"). She has demonstrated that she understands the meaning of counting to two; she's been heard to recite numbers up to four, though whether she understands or is just mimicking is unclear.

She's been in a phase of deep interest in boo-boos, pointing them out, having them kissed, putting cold teethers on them (she can open the fridge now, joy), and so forth. Over the Fourth of July we were visiting Chad's folks and she saw a chair collapse under Grums (Chad's grandmother), and even though Grums was just fine, ever since then at random times she will announce "Grum-Grum fall down." We went through a rough period of separation anxiety at daycare dropoff for several weeks, which seems to have abruptly stopped in the last week or two, hooray. I am far less her favorite parent these days, though I'm not sure Chad and I are quite even yet (regardless, this is a great relief to me).

We've introduced her to dairy in the form of cheese, which she loves and which doesn't seem to give her significant trouble, hooray; we haven't got around to milk yet because we don't drink it ourselves and so don't usually keep it in the house. She also likes fish and hot dogs, but continues to disbelieve that non-pureed vegetables are food. Or that her teeth can be brushed.

And I'm really tired and can't think of other things now, so I'll just leave her vital stats from yesterday: 34.75" tall (putting her at 5'10" if the folk tale of adult height equalling twice the height at two years), 28.5 pounds (both about 75th percentile), and 49.5 cm around her head (all of these have really big error bars, though, because she was deeply displeased at being examined). Feel free to ask questions and maybe they'll jog my memory (do not, however, give unsolicited advice).

Pictures and videos:
http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/07/bonus_toddler_blogging_balloon.php (video)
http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/07/electron_spin_for_toddlers.php (videos, and Science!!)
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