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Monday morning music

The Hold Steady are a weird, weird band (or, possibly, Craig Finn is a weird, weird dude), and I basically only like three of their songs, but those three make good Monday morning music, kind of up-tempo rock with lyrics more shouted than sung but still weirdly catchy. SteelyKid is going for an epic sleeping-in this morning, so here, have some music.

"Our Whole Lives," Heaven in Whenever. The one in my head now.

Bang bang bang go the quarter notes
Saint Theresa told me we should rattle our bones
Now you're going off to the dial tone
Some kid started blowing on a saxophone


"Sequestered In Memphis," Stay Positive. Probably their most accessible, which, considering it's about a guy subpoenaed to testify over something his one-night stand did, well.

Now they want to know exactly which bathroom
Dude, does it make any difference?
It can't be important . . .
Yeah, sure I'll tell my story again


"How A Resurrection Really Feels," Separation Sunday. The end of an album-long tale about religion and sex and drugs and I-don't-know-what.

She crashed into the Easter mass with her hair done up in broken glass. She was limping left on broken heels when she said, "Father, can I tell your congregation how a resurrection really feels?"


(That's the album with "Your Little Hoodrat Friend" (YouTube), which is the song that first brought them to Chad's attention.)

Right, I'm going in to wake a sleeping toddler. Wish me luck.

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