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SteelyKid at almost 2.5 years

I have been sick with various things for more than four weeks now and it's seriously cutting into my free time (posts about Arisia and Con or Bust coming soon, ish, honest!), and so I haven't done a SteelyKid developmental post in ages. This was going to be a stopgap demonstration of her physical development, by linking to:

Me holding her at the start of July, and today.

(She stepped on the electronic bathroom scale this week and it claimed she was 32 pounds, not that I put a lot of faith in its accuracy that low.)

But then it turned into a real developmental update, though a terse one. So, other things of major note:

  • She is, objectively, ridiculously verbal for her age. Everyone at daycare and, indeed, random people at the mall, comments on it. She speaks in paragraphs and has obtained the past tense as well as the imperative.
  • She's been able to count to ten and sing the alphabet for months; she's almost got counting to twenty. She can recognize, oh, maybe half-a-dozen letters?, the numbers from one to nine, and ten or so colors.
  • She continues very social and makes friends easily. She has several good friends at daycare that we have observed her playing with and that she tells us about when we ask about her day.
  • She is very interested in sharing and taking turns and does a very credible job at putting these into practice.
  • She plays with power tools, doctor's equipment, cooking equipment, about six different phones, blocks, balls, and trains. She conducts elaborate one-sided conversations with stuffed animals and dolls, plays doctor with them, puts them to sleep or takes them for walks, etc.
  • The switch that tripped some months ago and got her loving books remains in the "on" position. She can recite most of Goodnight Moon and Whose Mouse Are You? from memory, and has recently been delighted by Goodnight Gorilla, Sally and the Some-Thing, Diary of a Wombat and The Snowy Day. (ETA: Chad reminds me that she can also recite the first few pages of Diary of a Wombat.)
  • Last week, she pointed out where her birthday party had been held in August.
  • She has resumed interest in toilet training after abruptly deciding she wanted no part of it shortly after last update.
  • She tends to wake at least once in the night unless she's been thoroughly exhausted by grandparents. She still doesn't seem to eat enough to fuel all that energy.

Memorable conversations within the last few months:

  • As I said on FB in November, she loves to count but hasn't quite grasped that you are to count things once and only once. This led to her declaring proudly, "I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight bare feet!"
  • Her a month or two ago, during a conversation about what we were going to do when we got to a restaurant: "I say 'Hi' to people." Me: "And that is you in a nutshell."
  • This week, I was unbuckling her from her carseat and observed that she looked pensive, so I asked, "What're you thinking about?" Her: "I thinking about Nemo." (She watched Finding Nemo last weekend while visiting grandparents.) Me, to myself: "Wow, I wasn't expecting to get a real answer to that question."
  • ETA: to Chad, last night, on seeing him return from walking the dog: "Daddy! *seriously* How was your day?"

And oh my goodness, so many picture links:

http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/10/steelykids_book_hour.php (video)

Okay, I got sucked into that and need to go to bed. If I've forgotten something you're curious about, just ask.

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