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SteelyKid gives dictation

SteelyKid's daycare sends home a form every day with information about how each kid ate and slept and what they did. Today, the sheet had a note on top that "This report is done by Miss [Realname]," that is, one of her teachers read the entire sheet to SteelyKid and then wrote down what she said in response.

Since this is exactly the kind of thing we have a scanner for, click behind the cut to see. I particularly like the checklist of toys with "Dolls/Stuffed Animals" unchecked and an explanatory note next to it, "No I just drank their bottles," and the note at the bottom that "I enjoyed rubbing Mommy's back, very gentle easy." Especially since I remember her doing no such thing today.

Click on this for the full-size version, if you're having trouble reading it.

scanned form

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