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Inadvertent mix: untitled bleak-yet-fierce playlist

This is the playlist that resulted from last Thursday's shuffle/skip fest, which I initially thought was called "Music for the Morning After (the Apocalypse)" but then decided it wasn't. It's currently "stark (rev. 2)" in iTunes [*], but I'm so sick of snow I can't call it "Winter Is Coming" even for the joke. Other titles under enh-maybe consideration are "Two Ends of Time" and "Holding Back the Vampires."

[*] Playlists are such an improvement over mix tapes when it comes to ease of putting them together. Why don't I do this more often? Oh yeah, because I have no time. Right.

Links are to places you can listen online; the Google searches should give you a "Play song" link near the top, which lets you listen free the first time. If it's a YouTube link, it's for the song not the video; half the time I haven't even watched the video, just put the tab in the background and listened to be sure that the song is all there.

  1. "God's Gonna Cut You Down," Johnny Cash (YouTube)

    Go tell that long-tongued liar
    Go and tell that midnight rider
    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back-biter
    Tell them that God's gonna cut 'em down
    Tell them that God's gonna cut 'em down

  2. "Folk Bloodbath," Josh Ritter (YouTube)

    And the jailer said to Stagger Lee, "What's the problem with you?"
    "Oh jailer, Lewis Collins' ghost's brought Delia's with him too."

    The two songs that shuffle/skip juxtaposed, making me say "huh" and start searching for more things that went with.

  3. "Tomorrow, Wendy," Concrete Blonde (Google, YouTube)

    I told the priest, "Don't count on any Second Coming,
    "God got his ass kicked the first time he came down here slumming."

    A late addition to the playlist. That now the first three songs are having an argument about God and death is also inadvertent, but not displeasing.

  4. "Rock Hard Times," The Eels (YouTube)

    I don't know what it is they think I'm going to try
    They don't know what they need to fear
    The surest sign that the end is coming soon
    Is right there in the bathroom mirror

  5. "Won't Be Home," Old 97's (Google, YouTube (live))

    I was born in the back seat of a Mustang
    On a cold night in the pouring rain
    And the very first song that the radio sang
    Was "I won't be home no more"

    [ETA: after several listens, I think this song does not actually belong on this playlist.]

  6. "Witness," The Wallflowers (Google (1:30 sample))

    Sticks and stones, baby, break your bones
    But the names in here can kill
    We'd let you leave but no-one else wants you
    Your ransom was not made

  7. "Coffee," Aesop Rock (featuring John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats) (vid)

    I'm like, pardon you, sawed-off limit,
    My high noon is a quick little minute,
    I don't wanna spend it sitting with a critic
    Who simply isn't gonna ever really get it

    Time to change things up.

    Also, this is the exception to the thing where I link to videos for the song only; this is a really sharp look at racism and sexism in Buffy and Angel. Summary: It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat.

  8. "Trouble," Ray LaMontagne (YouTube)

    Oh, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble
    Feels like every time I get back on my feet
    She come around and knock me down again

    Yes, this is the song from the insurance company commercial with the dog. It's still a good song.

  9. "Blindness," Metric (YouTube)

    Send us a blindfold, send us a blade
    Tell the survivors help is on the way
    I was a blindfold, never complained
    All the survivors singing in the rain

    I persistently want to sing "hope" for "help" in the second line.

  10. "No Children," The Mountain Goats (YouTube)

    I hope I lie
    And tell everyone you were a good wife
    And I hope you die
    I hope we both die

    A song that made it on the "not kid-safe" playlist without a single four-letter word!

    Despite the lyrics, it is weirdly cheery.

  11. "I've Been Delivered," The Wallflowers (YouTube)

    I could break free from the wood of a coffin if I need
    But nothing's hard as getting free from places I've already been

    I almost didn't include two songs from the same artist, let along the same record, but Breach is such a great and underrated album and fits this so well, that I couldn't resist.

  12. "How a Resurrection Really Feels," The Hold Steady (YouTube (live))

    Holly was a hood rat
    Now you finally know that
    And she's been disappeared for years
    Today she finally came back

    This was always the last song of this playlist; I wasn't even thinking of the religious references.

. . . this was almost entirely written when it occured to me that I fail at self-reflection and should maybe have considered why, less than a week before March 1, I found myself finishing a playlist, for the first time in literally years, that just happened to be about loss and determination and was picked with "bleak yet fierce" as the guiding principle. Clearly I should just call it "In Memoriam" and be done with it.

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