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things I never expected to buy online: enormously heavy kitchen appliances

Poking around the web for reviews of stand mixers [*], I discovered that Amazon was selling the more expensive of the two models I was considering for $60 less than local stores and that it was eligible for their free slow-mo shipping. I found this vaguely hilarious, as the mixer in question weighs in excess of 25 pounds, and put the thing in my shopping cart just to see when it would be expected to ship and how much the non-free options were.

Which is when I discovered that Amazon was offering me a free one-month trial of its Prime membership, which would give me free two-day shipping of the mixer. The, let me repeat, twenty-five-pound-plus stand mixer.

I still find this hilarious, but that didn't stop me from taking the deal. And Amazon lets you opt out of automatically upgrading at the end of the trial period, so it won't sneakily cost me money later. Anyway, Amazon offered this free trial even when I logged out, so if you've been thinking about buying some kitchen appliances or who-knows-what ridiculously heavy things, check it out.

[*] I was going to ask for one as a combination early-birthday and early-Christmas present in July, before Readercon's bake sale, but since I find myself needing to make at least five batches of chocolate chip cookies next week, it seemed a good time to advance that plan. (Yes, I auctioned three, but Chad's owed a batch after suffering through my making two batches for Boskone and not stealing any, plus I'm making extra for my lovely generous bidders, I just haven't decided exactly how much yet.)

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