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Sherlock: The Great Game (BBC 2010)

Last night, Chad and I watched the third and last episode of the BBC's Sherlock, "The Great Game," in its slightly-shortened-for-PBS version. (I skimmed the shooting script for the middle episode and decided that yes, it was eminently skippable.)

Non-spoilers: I liked it a little less than the first episode, I think because its over-the-top elements felt more gratuitous and aren't-I-clever. (One of these days I really will make an icon of Peter Falk saying "Yes, you're very smart, now shut up" from The Princess Bride.) And I disapprove on principle of season-ending cliffhangers. But I still enjoyed it well enough to look forward to the next season.

Spoilers: I am not convinced that the characterization of Moriarty worked; I found the actor's vocal swoops at the pool massively distracting and possibly a bit too dramatic!! to be really menacing. I also thought the staging of the Golem fight in the planetarium was definitely too far into aren't-I-clever territory. The pacing also felt slightly off to me in some way I can't put my finger on, though again we were watching a slightly edited version.

Unless I missed something in skimming the script of the second episode, the series spectacularly fails the Bedchel test. And I hope that Molly ends up an accomplice of Moriarty's or something that gives her some agency and dignity.

John is awesome. Sherlock is the worst flatmate ever. Lestrade needs more to do.

Ummm, I think that's it for now.

Additionally: "Paper Chase" and "Rematch" by [personal profile] sam_storyteller, a crossover series with White Collar in which Sherlock and Neal match skills. Gen, canon-typical violence; spoilers for White Collar through season one, as far as I can tell, and through "The Great Game" for Sherlock.

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