Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

First Hobbit behind-the-scenes video

So SteelyKid and I are home sick today, and while she napped and I ate lunch, I watched the first behind-the-scenes video from the set of The Hobbit (Facebook).

Most of it was, you know, fine; good to see Ian McKellen being adorable and a little glimpse of him, Martin Freeman, and all the actors playing the dwarves walking through a scene, but otherwise pretty familiar kinds of things from the LotR DVD extras and starting to get a little bit long toward the end.

But the last twenty seconds? Hairs on the back of my neck, seriously.

I have a lot of reservations about this project (if this sinus headache cooperates, I hope to queue up the last of the movie re-watch posts for Tor.com tonight), but I cannot deny that Jackson et al. get some things very right.

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