Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Went to Massachusetts this weekend to see my folks for Mother's Day, while Chad stayed home with the dog and answered student questions about an assignment due tonight (we had dinner with his mom Thursday night, and his folks were going down to Long Island this weekend). Kind of a blur between other people's houses and driving: to Massachusetts yesterday morning; helping a bit at one of Mom's Body Shop at Home parties; picking up my brother, who I haven't seen for a while and who lives rather off the beaten path; going to visit my grandparents; dropping off my brother; back to Massachusetts; and then back home. One of the many burning questions of the weekend: Why can't car seats be more comfortable?

News this week was like picking at a scab: I didn't want to read it, and had actually decided not to, and I just kept going back to it. I'm going to go and catch up on LJ and Usenet now, and will probably get sidetracked into news now too, which would be Bad because I'm very tired.

Oh, and new feed: bugblog, a daily look at computer bugs and fixes.

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