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because my car rolled over 100K miles today

This is from last summer, but many of you will probably not have come across it: "Around the Bend", a really awesome multifandom vid by [personal profile] danegen, to the song of the same name by The Asteriods Galaxy Tour.

Vidder's summary: Taking the wheel. My summary: Women being joyous and kick-ass in their motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, spaceships, tanks, that kind of thing). Content notes: almost nothing—one raised middle finger; a few shots of scantily-clad people in implied sexual situations.

I particularly like the hard-acceleration turn-jolt transitions around 1:20-1:24 and the slowing-down transitions around 3:26 (boots!). Also everything with Starbuck flying (see also: "I Enjoy Being a Girl" by absolutedestiny) and whoever is backing up and doing a gun-hand at 3:40.

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