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DSL: modems, routers, speed

So the DSL saga continues, and I would like to ask the internets for help.

Whatever thing was preventing us from connecting to the Internet was fixed on Verizon's end, it wasn't our old (8+ years) modem.

But I got a call from a service guy saying he'd noticed that our speeds were low, could he come out and take a look? I said sure.

He appeared to hook up directly to the DSL line and then to the modem, and said that only 60% of the bandwidth was getting through our old modem. Get a newer one with a built-in gateway, he said.

Okay, fine.

After much hair-pulling tonight, I have determined that I cannot hook the new modem up as a router without, among other things, probably another hour of my life wasted talking to Verizon's tech support. (It wants to connect to Verizon's servers to finish configuration and thinks we have a password for that. We don't.) However, I can set the new modem to bridge mode and run it through our existing router.

When I do that, I get about a 20-25% improvement in download speed.

So my question is, would cutting out the standalone router significantly improve in our speeds, such that it's worth the trouble getting the new modem/router out of bridge mode? (It didn't with the old modem, fwiw.)

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