Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

"Better half"?

Idle question for anyone who's around on a U.S. holiday weekend.

I am pretty sure I have only ever heard men use it to refer to women, which is one reason I don't like it, because it combines pedestal-placing with denying women personal boundaries.

But I wouldn't use it regardless, because those aren't attitudes I want to express even if you took the sexist connotations away.

(Note: because this poll asks about gender identity, I've made it entirely anonymous; no-one can see who answered what, even me (though the resulting poll text may be ambiguous about that). Also, if you aren't logged in to DW through a DW account or Open ID (such as LJ), you can't fill out the poll, but you can comment. If you want a DW invite code, just ask.)

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