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FAQs, in two different ways


Springing off a discussion in [site community profile] dw_suggestions, what do you like to see in people's DW/LJ profiles/blog about-boxes/whatever? What are interesting things you've seen people communicate in those spaces? What was really important to you to put in yours? Or if you don't use that kind of thing, do you use anything else instead?

As I said over there, I spent a ridiculous amount of time on my own recent profile revamp (feedback welcome!); I find this sort of thing intrinsically fascinating.

* * *


Two actual pregnancy-related FAQs, with my usual answers:

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Busy.

Q: What are you having? / Do you know what you're having?
A: A baby.

Preferred, though less frequent, questions:

Q: How are you? / How's it going? / How are things?
A: Busy. (In all likelihood. But at least I won't feel like I've been reduced to my reproductive capacity by the entirely well-meaning, yet cumulatively frustrating, replacement of "how are you" as the default acknowledgment-of-existence to me.)

Q: Do you know / are you going to find out the sex?
A: It's going to be a surprise.

Readercon post tomorrow, I hope.

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