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I have just mailed off the last of my commissioned bookmarks for con_or_bust, which makes it a good time to take stock of my stitching projects and their status.

Top priority now: Christmas presents (to be revealed later since they are for people who read this). I have no idea how long these will take (they involve a lot of beads, which I've never done), and if they aren't done by Christmas then I'll have to think of other presents, which is why they get priority over:

Two cute polar bear designs for FutureSibling's room, "Hide and Seek" and "Make a Wish". These are by the same designer as the dragons I did for SteelyKid's room, which seemed appropriate (also saved me a lot of searching for good patterns). I feel bad about not putting these first, since FutureSibling will be here before Christmas, but, well, it's not like infants can see that far for the first little while anyway.

Then I have two big projects and some travel projects.

The big projects: I am still theoretically working on this red dragon, which is actually not that difficult or lengthy a project, it just lives at home [*] and hasn't had deadline pressures associated with it. And when I'm done that, I have Teresa Wentzler's Celestial Dragon waiting for me, which I really want to do: it's going to be so much work but so amazing when it's done.

[*] I do a lot of stitching either at lunchtime at work (in less hectic times) or when traveling. At some point I may just give up and bring the stand frame into work and keep the little projects for home.

The travel projects: a while ago, I started one of these knotwork bookmarks (second from right on the bottom); I really like the colors I picked and look forward to finishing it. I also would like to eventually do one each of these blackwork bookmarks; I've done six so far, and have pictures of five up at the LJ cross-stitch community.

There, that's all sorted and set out for easy reference. What are you all working on, craft-wise?

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