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JS&NM fanfic recs

As I said in the booklog entry I just posted, when I recently re-read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, I got to the end and wanted to just roll around it in and never come out.

After I re-read the last third, I went looking for fic (yes, I have The Ladies of Grace Adieu, but I was hoping for scope and something new). I read everything in the Yuletide archives and AO3, and here's what I liked enough to recommend:


Invasion and Inscrutability, by Roz_McClure. 1426 words, rated teen and up audiences. Backstory for the Raven King and the gentleman with the thistledown hair. Playfully, deliciously creepy.

During canon:

The Blest Surprize, by afrai. 6400 words, rated G; crossover with Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin books (no real spoilers for those). During her time in Lost-hope, Arabella finds herself visiting with Stephen Maturin. Gorgeous, delicate, comforting.


The King's Man, by novembersmith. 3231 words, rated general audiences. In which John Childermass discovers that the Raven King "really was damned annoying." Because of course he would be.

The Shadow on the King's Roads, by Quasar. 6311 words, rated general audiences. In which the two sisters from "The Ladies of Grace Adieu" arrive in London and are chaperoned by Arabella. I like the way this brings in the women's stories from "Grace Adieu" and the look at Arabella post-canon. (I wanted lots of post-canon stories about Arabella, but, well, it's a very tricky source.)

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