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storm update

Emmy and I just came back from a walk; it's stopped raining but is still windy. If it were a non-tropical-storm day, I would say "hey, wow, it's really windy!", but today it suffices that it's not "yikes, get inside!" Though since we saw two downed trees in two blocks (one uprooted, one simply broken a foot or two up the trunk; no apparent damage), I was still glad to come home without incident.

Power was out for about four hours, though it's been repeatedly glitching since it came back and so I don't trust it enough to do things like laundry or turning Chad's computer back on. And speaking of Chad, he's supposed to land in Albany in half an hour; hope for a brief period of calm air for him.

(ETA: Ten minutes until his scheduled arrival and it sounds like it is now as windy as it was at any point during the day. Nice timing, weather.)

Lot of soggy basements around here, but considering that nearby there are mudslides and road closures and, yeesh, several feet of water expected in the Stockade (Schenectady's historic district), it seems that our neighborhood isn't in too bad shape.

(Also, the dog thought the swirling circular pool where a sump pump outflow met a storm drain was a vicious threat to us and tried to bite it.)

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