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Burn Notice summer finale

Michael? Did you not just have a conversation, at the start of this episode, about how if you'd told Agent Pearce the truth to begin with she might have believed you? And, in fact, now that she knows you were telling the truth about being framed for Max's murder, don't you think she'd listen to you if you said "Fiona is being framed for killing two security guards?"

Also, I had to suffer through another Larry episode without even the payoff of his dead body at the end? (Chad pointed out that the newspaper headline said that two were killed in the explosion.)

I really wonder if this show hasn't outrun its existence. There are only so many overarching ways to generate tension out of the scenario and it feels like they've run out and are just spinning their wheels with the same old same old. Oh look, Fiona wants more of Michael's attention. Oh look, Larry wants Michael to join the dark side. Oh look, Michael is being forced into working for someone he doesn't want to. Whatever will he do?

I don't have very high expectations for this show any more, but sheesh.

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