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36 weeks and all's bulgy

Quick pregnancy update, here with four weeks theoretically left.

The mug shots:

2011-10-09 (week 36) front 2011-10-09 (week 36) side

That shirt may not make it to 40 weeks. However, I do not believe I have yet become an effective sphere, that is, my shoulders are still wider than my torso is deep. Close, though.

(Many of my maternity clothes are a source of minor but constant annoyance to me; I hate having elastic around my belly, but folding down waists is usually uncomfortable because there's just not that much room when I sit down. Also many of my shirts are now too short. Fortunately I can wear Chad's shirts when I'm at home.)

How I'm feeling:

All things considered, not bad. The funky endocrine system issues backed off not too long after the last update, and while I'm still lower on cope than I would like, it doesn't feel as tied to physical symptoms of anxiety. Tired, of course. Hands and feet more swollen and stiffer, but not generally in ways that interfere with doing anything. [*] Thirsty all the damn time. Stomach a bit more prone to indigestion. No trouble staying asleep, which is terrific especially considering that FutureSibling is also a squirmy squirmy thing; getting (back) to sleep is another thing, but that's mostly an extension of my longstanding difficulty shutting my damn brain off, already. (Other people use body pillows and such; I find that they keep me from rolling over in my sleep and leave me horribly stiff in my shoulders and hips.)

ETA: forgot one weird one from yesterday. I went to pick up a folded bath towel by sliding my hand underneath, somehow got the angle wrong and bent back the (quite short) fingernail on my middle finger, which not only hurt like heck but actually bled. Bleeding! From trying to pick up a bath towel!

[*] ETA 2: Dear body, I am sorry I said that. Can I stop dropping things now, please? I think I've dropped more things today than over the last two weeks total.

Someone told me yesterday that I looked as comfortable as anyone they'd seen at this point, which I thought was a lovely graceful compliment and also a nice reminder that yeah, for all the inconveniences, it could be a lot worse.

(Someone else told me yesterday that I must be having a girl, but she was basing that on her belief that I wasn't carrying low, which, uh, no. I think this may be my first random-person prediction of the sex, though.)

In related news, as I mentioned on FB yesterday, we have the crib reassembled, the new dresser scheduled for delivery, and a lovely generous stack of boxes full of clothes to put into the dresser. So while this is not (not!!) permission for FutureSibling to come out early, I feel much more relieved at our basic readiness. We have also decided on legal names (which, like the sex, will be a surprise), though I think the nom d'Internet options may still be uncertain.

(We are also very close to being ready for the book purge! Watch this space for details.)

Oh hey, medical folks: if my engagement and wedding rings needed to come off in a hurry, it would take some effort. If the fingernail on that finger is pink and regains color after being pressed at the same rate as the other fingers on that hand, and if the rings themselves aren't causing me discomfort, is there any reason I shouldn't keep them on? That is, is there any reasonable scenario in which I'd need the third finger on my left hand to be ring-free in a hurry, or in which the rings would cause other problems?

ETA: thank you, I am answered, and off they shall come (not today, though, we are having unusually warm weather and even the ring on my right hand, which came off fine the other day, is being stubborn).

As always, no unsolicited advice, no horror stories.

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