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tall toddler

Chad posted these pictures of SteelyKid building a giant block tower from Friday, and it's been a long few days, so let's continue on a theme. From a couple weeks ago, here's SteelyKid lying down next to a 48" puzzle, though alas she could not be convinced to align the top of her head with the top of the puzzle for a more useful measurement:

smiling toddler lying next to puzzle

As of two months ago, she was 39". She can't really have grown several inches in the meantime, it's just the angle. Also, I haven't actually verified the accuracy of the puzzle's claimed height.

(This kind of narrow puzzle is great for her, by the way, because I can give her the next row of three pieces and she can do most of the rest herself. Thanks to J & R, who gave it to her as a birthday present.)

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