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pregnancy miscellany

1. Perils of professional monofocus: walk into a jeweler's today, tell first person I see that I need rings cut off, get sent across room to second person who looks immediately at my hand and says, never looking up, "Gosh, I wonder how those got so small?" "Well," says I, "I imagine being 37 weeks pregnant has something to do with it . . . "

(The jeweler was very careful and it was considerably less uncomfortable than my attempts to get it off myself. And the engagement ring has needed resizing for a while, anyway.)

2. If I haven't posted anything substantive for a while and you're wondering if I've gone off to the hospital, I have made a post titled as of the date stamp on this post, I am still not in labor; it's marked to not show on reading pages, so people can find it by clicking on the "pregnancy" tag or just my username, as it should always be at the top or very close to it. Still nominally two and a half weeks to go, but people keep asking and I had the idea, so hey.

3. Speak to me of slings and wraps for carrying infants against adults' fronts. We had a pouch-type sling that we liked a lot because it had straps for both shoulders, but I gather that those are now considered unsafe?

The ideal candidate would be simple to get into (I doubt my ability to fasten straps while trying to keep a baby from falling out), would allow easy transfer of a sleeping kid out of it (we would just slip the sling over our shoulders, put it down in the crib, and then ease SteelyKid out), and would either be easily adjustable for very different heights or, at least, be suitable for someone six and a half feet tall. Ability to breastfeed in it is not a priority.

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