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face painting with SteelyKid

We have a Klutz facepaint kit that SteelyKid is a big fan of, and this is the kind of thing digital cameras were made for.

She painted a green star and red butterfly on my face, and a blue dog on my arm.

The green star, with not enough paint but a pretty credible attempt all the same:

me, 3/4 profile, green star on cheek

The red butterfly, with enough paint this time, and the blue dog—it's a pretty good dog in profile, except I must admit that the dark line descending down was declared to be a tail when she painted it, rather than a neck:

me, 3/4 profile on other side, red butterfly on cheek and blue dog on forearm

Also, coincidentally, I have new glasses, and since I posted a picture of them last time and I was taking pictures anyway, here's the equivalent, except without also holding SteelyKid, which I realize makes it much less interesting:

me from front with new glasses, almost the same as the old glasses

Finally, much fuzzier, pictures of SteelyKid with the paintings I did for her. Also admire her rocketship shirt (it glows in the dark!).

That's a panda on her cheek; on her hands she has stamps from soccer outlined in white, and I'm not sure what the black blob on her forearm was supposed to be, but she was very insistent that she needed to paint it.

SteelyKid, sitting down, face paints all over

And that's an even fuzzier alligator (head at the bottom), though I believe she's declared it to be a dragon.

SteelyKid, 3/4 profile, green alligator on cheek

The kit is quite nice, by the way, and we recommend it.

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