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I realize that newborns are not able to recognize consequences

So let me just assure you, child, that if you react to wet diapers by screaming as though you are being murdered, it is decidedly counterproductive to insist that the only thing that will comfort you is nursing, that is, drinking more. (Especially when this means you are nursing every hour.)

(Chad dug out SteelyKid's old pacifiers and that helped slightly, insofar as it meant someone else could be a comfort object. We will try different brands today, because I literally cannot physically take this.)

In happier news, there are some things about nursing that I am finding easier the second time around. And the Pip is spanning the animal kingdom—as I said on FB yesterday, he also regularly makes the same "yipe" sounds Emmy makes when she is dreaming, which is appropriate given her "human puppy" designation for the children. Also, I got a milk smile yesterday (blissed-out falling-asleep reflex smile).

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