Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Pretty much nothing of note happened this week until Thursday, when I stayed home sick for the day (every so often my stomach just decides it hates me) and got a couple of pieces of unfortunate personal news (currently in holding patterns of varying durations). Spent yesterday afternoon unshelving our paperbacks, discovering in the process that we need at least two and possibly three more paperback shelves. We'll wait on ordering those until I get the rest of my books out of my parents' house. (We have space on the hardcover shelves, but these days we buy considerably more hardcovers than paperbacks, so it seems wise to leave those for growth and get the paperbacks properly sorted out.) I meant to be productive today and work on refinishing the built-in bookshelves, but a mid-afternoon nap rather thoroughly nixed any chances at productivity. I did cook dinner, mac & cheese from scratch and fried pork chops, which for me is a reasonably labor-intensive production. Also, we spent some time yesterday and today walking around the neighborhood, since the weather is actually warm-ish for a change.

I updated the booklog this week with a whole five books—go me. I think I'm only four or five behind now . . . I'm currently working on the update of my Nethack pages; I don't think I'll get the spoilers for the new version up yet, but I can at least put up the final versions of the 3.4.0 spoilers.

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