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The Pip at two months

The Pip was two months old on the 7th. He had a regular checkup today: 23.5 inches long (~75th percentile), 11 pounds 1.5 ounces (~50th), and 40.75 cm arond the head (enh, big). No fever or apparent reaction yet from his vaccinations. He's had a touch of nasal congestion for several days and an eye infection from his blocked tear ducts; antibiotic as ointment rather than drops is so much better. He has Chad's long eyelashes and, likely, body type (long fingers, long legs).

The preferred adjective (after "cute") appears to be "alert," from his pediatrican to random strangers at the store. Which is odd, because I don't recall SteelyKid being any less inclined to look at things but likewise don't recall similar comments.

We are full into big goofy social smiles and responsive noises (coos, "la," etc.), which is heart-stoppingly cute. He is unfussed by large groups of people (Christmas Eve dinner this year was, I believe, 32 total); whether this portends extroversion and/or an easygoing nature, or is merely a developmental stage, remains to be seen. He likes "standing" on our laps and staring at colorful toys with simple faces, as is developmentally appropriate. Motion and white noise are soothing, as are "Brokedown Palace" (at a somewhat faster tempo) and "Down in the River to Pray" (which, handily, I can sing basically forever without any conscious thought).

Alas, during the day he will sleep, at most, half an hour when not in someone's arms, which makes getting stuff done rather difficult, but we're going to haul the swing down out of the attic and maybe that will help. A considerable majority of the nights, at least, he does sleep until his next feeding. The pediatrician today said that she usually finds that 12 pounds is the point when they start going longer between feedings at night, so that is something to look forward to (right now we are at 3-4 hours around the clock).

SteelyKid: still besotted with her brother. Still in a tough developmental stage with regard to utter meltdowns over often-trivial thwartings. Still making up songs and spinning long stream-of-consciousness tales for us. Still taking forever to go to sleep (as I post this: still awake). Particular interests of the moment: drawing, going to basketball games at Union College, and the recent Winnie the Pooh movie (which seems to have dethroned Dora the Explorer, hooray).

And four picture links:

http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2011/12/baby_formulae.php (look at his face!)

As always, no unsolicited advice.

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