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2011's Christmas gifts

I stitched Christmas presents again this year, this time "Charmed Ornament" kits from Mill Hill Beads. I really liked how these came out, and they were mostly quite fun to stitch too.

Click to see detail. Here are three I finished early, previously posted under lock:

three cross-stitched rectangular ornaments depicting decorated Christmas evergreen trees, one with cardinals and a light blue background, one with candles and a red background, and one with snowflakes and a dark blue background

And then three I finished very late:

cross-stitched rectangular ornament depicting silver-blue Christmas tree against white background cross-stitched rectangular ornament depicting two snowy evergreen Christmas trees with rabbits on ground against dark blue background cross-stitched rectangular ornament depicting evergreen Christmas tree decorated with toys against tan background

The only changes I made was to the middle ornament in the first picture, swapping the reds used at the very top and very bottom of the background. Too bad the picture of the last came out a bit fuzzy, because it was very damn fiddly, but it was a literal last-minute finish and picture.

For all that these were fun to do, I'm taking a break from stitching gifts this year, because I haven't made any progress on my other projects.

Oh, and if anyone wants the leftover beads, let me know. I can look up the precise types if necessary. Claimed!

Also posted to cross_stitch.

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