Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

LJ S2 help please?

S2 people, help, please? I think this is easy for someone whose approach to S2 isn't laborious cargo-culting, but I've just spent half an hour on it that I can ill afford and I'm stumped.

I'm using Minimalism plus a bunch of custom CSS for con_or_bust, to get old-style comment pages. (If it's showing in your style, either remove "?style=mine" from the URL, or uncheck "View in my style" from the navigation bar across the top.)

But for some reason not every entry title is a link to the entry permalink. I'd like that to work for all entries, and failing that (probably easier) I'd like "permalink" to be the last item in the leave a comment, share, etc., line.

(I'd also like the header to include a link to the tag page, and my sticky post back, but those are less important.)

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