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It's that time again: we are purging our physical books. Five hundred and ninety-nine of them, to be exact (now that I've shipped off the ones won by Con or Bust folks).

Most of them are going to our local library sale, but I like finding specific good homes for books too. So here's the deal:

From now until Sunday March 11 at noon Eastern, I will take requests for books. On Sunday afternoon and evening, I will compare up the requests, allocate any overlapping requests based on priority, and pack them up. I will ship everything on Monday the cheapest method possible: within the US, media mail; within North America, Priority International; outside North America, airmail (no more surface mail from the USPS). You will reimburse me for postage plus the cost of packaging, if any. Payment will be made through PayPal or Amazon gift certificate. If you don't reimburse me, I will mock you publicly and mercilessly.

Like I said, I want books to find good homes; but doing this is, frankly, kind of a pain in the butt, and I do have significant other time commitments. So please do me the courtesy of restricting yourself to things you particularly want, not just think might be kind of nice to have. ETA: this also means that requests for 40+ books (for instance) are disfavored.

Here is the list of books we are getting rid of. Here is the Google Docs form to request books.

Questions? Leave 'em here.

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