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social media inventory

Time to take inventory:

Dreamwidth: still my default for posting stuff.

Livejournal: to comment in other people's conversations.

Facebook: posting: kid-snippets of interest to family. Reading and commenting: mostly family. Also, playing a silly hidden-object game.

Twitter: posting: occasional announcements about Con or Bust. Reading and commenting: friends and acquaintances, irregularly.

Google+: posting: not sure yet, possibly short bits that wouldn't be interesting to family. Reading and commenting: rasfwr-j in exile; whoever else is there.

Of course, as I go back to work full-time on Tuesday, my ability to pay attention to all these sites will be taking a nosedive. But still, for cat-vacuuming purposes, if you would care to comment with whatever portion of your own social media inventory you'd like me to know about, that would be useful. Comments are screened (let me know if yours can be unscreened). Also, it would be particularly great if those of you who cross-post (Twitter to FB, for instance) would let me know your preferred location for interaction.

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