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in which patience (or inertia) is rewarded

A long long time ago (well, okay, in 2009), [personal profile] rachelmanija recommended some (ETA) translations retellings and adaptations of the Mahabharata, and I put the two volumes of the version by Ramesh Menon on my Amazon wishlist to await the appropriate moment (as they were thirty-odd bucks each in paperback).

Today I was buying some other things and went down my wishlist, as I sometimes do, seeing if forthcoming things have been released or prices have dropped or whatnot, and discovered that the two volumes were now available as ebooks for ~$3.50. Finding the second volume was not as easy as it should be, so here's direct links to both: volume one and volume two. (Barnes & Noble currently seems to be listing volume 1 twice, though they may just have attached the wrong cover image.)

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